UGears Warm Festive Evening


The Christmas Rush

He was in a hurry, all the Christmas shopping and festive chores coming together to fill his day. Boxes of presents bulged through his heavy backpack, but it didn’t bother Eliot in the least. After all, he was returning home, to his beloved family and their heartfelt smiles and embraces. The gifts were another excuse to tell them he loved them with all his heart. Smiling to himself, he stopped at the red light and suddenly noticed something that made his heart beat a bit faster. Slowly, he turned and took a few steps toward an old wall, where the man who caught his attention was sitting.

The Act of Kindness

The elderly gentleman was selling little hand-made souvenirs, crudely made clay pots, watercolor paintings of winter landscapes, Christmas tree decorations and sweets. There was something about this man, a combination of his noble looks and an almost intangible look of sadness and resignation in his eyes, as he was selling his handicrafts here, in the crowded wintry street of Helena in Montana. Eliot felt a desperate urge to help, to support this stranger, so even though he did not really need another gift, he reached in his pocket…

UGears Warm Festive Evening - UGears USA 1

Slowing Down

These days we race along life faster than ever, however there are moments when we stop, hug our loved ones and spend some quality time together. UGears offers families and friends wooden puzzles, 3D stem sets and outstanding mechanical models to make your shared Christmas an even more magical experience!