Getting home for Christmas

Getting home for Christmas - UGears USA 1

The night train

The locomotive was on the move and the team of Santa’s most experienced elves on board were busy packing the last of Christmas gifts for children and their parents. As the massive body of the magical train was roaring along the tracks, past the frozen lakes and silent woods, past the snow-filled ravines and somber mountains, the last of the ribbons were being cut and the last of the greetings were being attached to the packages about to be delivered. No one expected the thing which would happen next…

The light in the sky

All of a sudden, the night sky exploded with a whirlpool of colors, unseen even by the magical creatures hard at work on the train. Heads turned in disbelief as the sky turned brighter and brighter, continuously changing shades. Pink, orange, maroon, light green, yellow, the palette of the night was completely out of hand. ‘It’s THE comet,’ whispered the Head Elf. ‘I remember the prophecies of old. This is going to be an outstanding year!’

Getting home for Christmas - UGears USA 2

Thank you, folks!

On behalf of the whole UGears U.S. team, we would like to wish you all the best in coming year! We hope that our mechanical models and 3D puzzles for kids and adults bring smiles to your faces and brighten up your family pastime!

Thank you for staying with us!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!