The time when presents come alive

The time when presents come alive - UGears USA 1

A dream present

Little Jenny knew what she wanted for New Year. She also knew she wasn’t probably going to get it, since she was already five and started suspecting that Santa’s presents under the tree were her parents’ doing. She wrote that letter to Santa anyway, hoping for a miracle, despite all odds. When she was falling asleep that night, she whispered ‘Love you, Santa’ and got immersed into the shadowy kingdom of visions and illusions.

The time when presents come alive - UGears USA 2

Hand on the throttle

This was the year when he was going to retire, to let his younger brother carry on the family tradition of gift-giving and spreading the cheer around this magical time. There was one thing left to do before calling it a day. His faithful reindeer were already in the stable, ready for the inevitable transition they knew was coming. They knew their new master would take good care of them, just like he did. He put his hand on the throttle of his bike and this brought on the memory of his youth. He was a leaner black-bearded version of himself then and preferred somewhat less-festive-than-now attire of leather jackets and tight biker pants. Santa smiled and got ready for the last sky ride. There was one more present to be delivered…

The time when presents come alive - UGears USA 3

The magic of assembling your own present

UGears wooden mechanical models are ideal gifts for loved ones. One can take pleasure in putting the DIY model together, putting it in motion and enjoying both the process and the result!

The time when presents come alive - UGears USA 4

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