The final 2020 story

The final 2020 story - UGears USA 1

One more gift

She had it all. Toys, treats, gadgets, entertainment of any sort had been lavished on her since her early days. Yet, in the midst of all this abundance, something was missing. She desperately wanted Dad to come home for this symbolic changing of the years. She knew that he was working far away on an impossibly tight schedule and him returning for New Year’s eve was unlikely, if not impossible. Yet, she couldn’t help but wish for him to appear at the doorstep of their house in rural Pennsylvania, embrace her and Mom and spend the evening together, as they once had…

If only you wish hard enough

All of a sudden, the mahogany entrance door creaked, opened wide – and there he was. She screamed in excitement and elated joy and ran towards him, hugging him tightly and feeling the familiar warmth and good humor emanating from this tall man. She felt good inside and she suddenly knew that it was going to be a wonderful New Year!

The final 2020 story - UGears USA 2

Happy New Year

We would like to congratulate all UGears lovers with the coming year! We wish you kindness, joy, creative ideas and harmonic relationships with your friends and loved ones.

2021 will bring new impressions, new beginnings, new hopes, new wooden mechanical models (this one we know for sure!), new adventures and projects 🙂

The final 2020 story - UGears USA 3

Let us look into the future with our eyes wide open and sail the winds of change!

Happy New Year!