Automaton Cyclist new model by UGears

Automaton Cyclist new model by UGears - UGears USA 1

The road of champions

The new automaton by UGears, a bold and beautiful model for real champions, is rolling in to take us to new victories. Introducing our latest addition to the UGears automatons family, The Cyclist. Inspired by classic Tour De France chronicles, The Cyclist embodies the spirit of competition, the great sport and even a greater victory. The signature UGears design makes this outstanding model – it is a fun build and an original décor element in any home or office.

Automaton Cyclist new model by UGears - UGears USA 2

The magic of simple mechanisms

While we have no doubt you’ll like the looks of our champion, the main feature is of course, the mechanism. UGears is known for their original approach to wooden mechanical models and this time our design wizards used a simple flywheel to create their magic.


Automaton Cyclist new model by UGears - UGears USA 3


The process of delight

Start it by pulling the lever on the side of the model and watch the cyclist launch into a race. The flywheel, the main propelling element of the model, accumulates kinetic energy due to its weight. The model is a perfect presentation of how changing weight changes the work of a flywheel mechanism. The model has a special slot where you can put a coin or a screw nut – anything that fits – to increase the weight and change the momentum of the mechanism.


Set your mind for victory and welcome to the new race with the UGears Automaton Cyclist model!