The best gift: UGears Wooden Batterfly

The best gift: UGears Wooden Batterfly - UGears USA 1

The foresight

I knew he wanted it to be special for me. I saw it in the sparkle of his eyes, the faint smile when he thought I wasn’t looking, the warmth and tender touch of his embrace. He knew all my passions: my love for art and for mechanics, my keen interest in the living world and the world of science. ‘What was it going to be?’ I wondered as the date was drawing nearer. I couldn’t guess, but I knew that whichever option he would choose, it wouldn’t disappoint me!

The best gift: UGears Wooden Batterfly - UGears USA 2

The Ugears butterfly

One day I just saw it standing there, on the top shelf in the wardrobe, behind some hats and scarves – a colorful box with my future gift. My heart started beating faster because I instantly saw that somehow he made the wisest choice of all, appealing to many of my interests at once. This educational mechanical puzzle of a wooden Butterfly almost seemed to be whispering ‘Assemble me!’ I knew I had to wait a few more days and then act surprised, but the pleasant anticipation of the process was beginning to fill my mind as I carefully put my future present back to its hiding place…

The best gift: UGears Wooden Batterfly - UGears USA 3

The discovery

We assembled the Butterfly 3D puzzles together. I don’t think I’d had that much fun since my early teens. All the parts fit perfectly and I couldn’t but wonder how anyone could have come up with a model which was just right for me. Our daughter also got her present – the one called Antique Box and we all laughed as that exquisite piece of woodwork was coming to life. The kid got so interested that she visited and discovered the world of various models for all ages and tastes. She even decided to use them for her next STEM project.

It was one of the best St. Valentine’s evenings ever! Thanks to my husband and the mechanical models creators!