The Discovery

2020.12.19 Research Vessel 02

At last

It looked like this was the day. He had been experiencing this tingling feeling of anticipation for days and today it was almost electric. After weeks at sea his research vessel was nearing the island which probably held the greatest Christmas mystery, which had been puzzling kids around the globe since the beginning of time. He felt they were about to discover Santa’s residence.

The Discovery - UGears USA 1

Santa home

Stepping ashore, they were greeted by the excited high-pitched calls of seals, whose thick skin prevented them from freezing in the freezing waters of the Arctic Ocean. Towering cliffs of seemingly eternal ice surrounded the natural bay, adding to the stern beauty of this atmospheric location. Assessing the possible directions of research, his gaze followed the ridge, disappearing into the snowy mist. Yes, this is where that coveted cave would be. Soon they would hear the legendary ‘Ho-ho-ho’ in person and perhaps even be invited to join Santa for his annual pre-delivery round coffee drinking ceremony. Not being able to wait much longer, he texted his Research Vessel crew to remain on standby and started walking towards the hills…

The Discovery - UGears USA 2

Mechanical puzzles make dreams come true!

Our children’s dreams about travelling, adventures and discoveries stay with us for life. But guess what? Dreams tend to come true around Christmas! The Research Vessel mechanical toy from UGears is the best proof of that!

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