The night job


The descent

He peered in – nothing. The shapeless black void, as usual. Suppressing a sigh, he went in, feet first and down the chimney of this two-family house in the vicinity of the city of Boston. Once in, with century-refined precise movements, he took the presents out and placed them in their designated places. Yes, these children have been good and each deserved a little something from Santa, is it was the very person leaving parcels around the mantelpiece.

The vehicle

Why did he always have to use the reindeer? His gaze fell on the boxes he was about to deliver to the next household. The box featuring a picture of a wooden model with horses said ‘UGears Stagecoach’. Yes, this might be a welcome alternative to his good old sleigh. It might be faster as well. Well, how about those children on the islands he had to visit? Wouldn’t a vessel like in the ‘UGears Tugboat’ mechanical puzzle come in handy? The times were changing and the important thing was to get Santa places, not the actual means of doing that. Yes, he would experiment soon enough!

The night job - UGears USA 1

Magic time is here

UGears is proud to assist Santa in choosing the best gifts for the most inquisitive youths and the smartest parents around! 3D mechanical puzzles and DIY models make excellent souvenirs for the festive season. Santa loves them because they fit in his bag wonderfully and because he knows how much fun assembling these mechanical kits would bring to all those children around the world! Ho-ho-ho! is ready for Christmas.

Are you?