U-Fidget Aircrafts – the anti-stress keychain charms

UGears Mechanical Wooden Model 3D Puzzle Kit U-Fidgets Aircrafts

If you are in the aircraft industry, dream of flying or simply a fan of aeronautics, you will probably be delighted with these unique themed accessories, the new UGears U-Fidget Aircrafts!

U-Fidget Aircrafts is a set of four miniature flying machines that are also 3-d puzzles. Made with high-grade natural wood materials and consisting of only 10 pieces each, these models take only minutes for assembly and require no glue or additional tools.

What is included in the set?

U-Fidget Aircrafts - the anti-stress keychain charms - UGears USA 1

UGears U-Fidget Aircrafts is a set of 4 individual miniature models: the Hydroplane, the Helicopter, the Airship and the Airplane.

  • The Hydroplane was designed based on a prototype of a real 2-engine airplane with an option to land on water.
  • The Helicopter is a model of a Civil Aviation chopper with an extended landing gear.
  • The Airship is a miniature model of the old-times dirigible with a small passenger gondola.
  • The Airplane is a model of a light-weight flying machine with the accented cutout windows.

All the items in U-Fidget Aircrafts set are made in traditional for UGears models style and feature beautiful, eye-catching design.

What makes U-Fidget Aircrafts models so unique?

UGears U-Fidget Aircrafts are not just miniature building models, they can be used as stress relief toys, backpack zipper pulls or keychain charms. Each model has a small opening for a key ring and is small and light enough to fit into a purse or a handbag.  All items in the set feature moving wheel gears inside, that can be tuned and spun. This kind of manipulation, the “fidgeting”, is known to relieve tension and to help focus and concentrate.

U-Fidget Aircrafts is one of many sets in UGears collection of wooden mechanical accessories, from nautical, service and luxury vehicles, to animals and more. Whatever item or collection you choose, it is guaranteed to become an eye-catching display for your home or office, of a handy little accessory for your keys or a book bag. To order your own UGears U-Fidget Aircrafts set and other exciting models, check our online catalog.