New 3-d puzzles are available for pre-orders now

UGears Mechanical Wooden Model 3D Puzzle Kit Aviator

At UGears we strive to continuously surprise our customers. Today, we are introducing five new 3-d puzzles, available for pre-orders now. All five models are made with high-grade natural wood materials, feature real motion provided by rubber-band mechanisms and assemble without the use of glue or any other tools or materials. Let’s take a closer look at each of the models.

The Aviator – reach out for the sky!

New 3-d puzzles are available for pre-orders now - UGears USA 1

This exciting model consists of three modules: the Flight Control Tower, the Helicopter, and the Airplane. The Control Tower is used to launch and navigate aircrafts, sets them into roll and pitch modes and controls the speed. Aircrafts, the Airplane, and the Helicopter attach to the control bar of the Tower. The Control Tower unit carries out two functions at once. With a lever, it adjusts the inclination level and defines the flight path, while the speed of rotation is controlled with a throttle.

The Tower Windmill– experience the power of the wind!

New 3-d puzzles are available for pre-orders now - UGears USA 2

This model is also built based on laws of aerodynamics. Designed on the prototypes of real-life windmills, the Tower Windmill features a rubber-band mechanism that sets blades in motions. The speed of the spinning blades is so high, you’d feel the wind touching your face. This model is perfect for teaching about aerodynamics and the natural force of the wind. Simply point a working fan onto the blades of the Windmill and catch the wind with Windmill Tower spinning blades!

The Trimaran Merihobus – ride the tide!

New 3-d puzzles are available for pre-orders now - UGears USA 3

Trimaran is a static model of the sailing yacht, where almost all the elements are fully functioning and produce real motion. Whether you navigate the hand wheel, play with the sailing gear or drop and retrieve an anchor, you’ll get the feel of the real sailboat! And, this model comes with a bonus! With each puzzle, we added a set of templates to created your boat’s own customized flag.

The Horse Mechanoid – a tandem of mother nature and mechanics.

New 3-d puzzles are available for pre-orders now - UGears USA 4

The Horse Mechanoid, an exhilarating model of a real walking quadruped, that operates on a rubber band mechanism. Simply wind up the motor, hidden inside the Mechanoid’s chest, and watch this majestic creature trotting ahead.

V-Express Steam Train with Tender – try on your train engineer hat!

New 3-d puzzles are available for pre-orders now - UGears USA 5

Celebrate the era of the Industrial Revolution with UGears V-Express Steam Train with Tender! Created in the innovative spirit of Victorian Age inventions and discoveries, this mechanical model of a train with tender features self-motion and operates on a rubber-band motor, that produces enough power to run up to 13 feet. The V-Express Steam Train work on 3 settings: forward, back and idle. Use the “back” setting for the Train to roll backward and hook up with the Tender automatically.

All these models are available for pre-orders from our online catalog! Visit our website and became one of the first to appreciate these new 3-d puzzles from UGears!