UGears Tugboat: a maritime novelty!

UGears Mechanical Wooden Model 3D Puzzle Kit Tugboat

Acquaint yourself with yet another novelty from UGears- the unique 3D Tugboat design will add an aquatic theme to your collection! This little tugboat is so realistic that even the sound of its mechanical motor recalls the work of a diesel engine. Let’s take a closer look at it.

What makes the UGears Tugboat special?

Here are some features of the new 3D design model.

– It is made from natural wood and consists of 169 parts that are assembled without the use of any adhesive. In all, it will take you around 2-3 hours to assemble. Despite its seemingly complex construction, it is easy and exciting to put together;

– A prototype of a real vessel was utilized in the design of the tugboat, which makes its appearance worthy of any collection next to frigates, cruisers, or passenger liners;

– It is not just a mobile mechanical model, either. It actually mimics the real movement of a boat along the waves, swaying from one side to the other.

UGears Tugboat: a maritime novelty! - UGears USA 1

How does UGears Tugboat work?

This boat, of course, is not meant to sail the waters of the sea. Equipped with three movable wheels, it can travel along flat surfaces. To bring it into motion, you just have to load the rubber band with a special handle and then press on the start button. Next, the most interesting thing takes place, as the boat really seems to float along the waves and sways from one side to another. But how?

It’s actually very simple. To simulate this, the engineers installed asymmetrical wheels. That is, instead of being perfectly round, they are slightly oval-shaped. As a result, while rotating, one side is either higher or lower than the other. This makes the model more realistic and you can see it for yourself!

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