UGears Butterfly: when art and engineering come together

UGears Butterfly

Following the popularity of the extremely well-received UGears Horse Mechanoid wooden 3D puzzle set, UGears proudly releases the UGears Butterfly set. The Butterfly is the second realistic animal set. But what makes it stand aside from the technology-themed 3D puzzle sets? Just like it was with the Horse, the UGears engineers and designers used a non-traditional approach. In order to replicate the Butterfly’s lifelike movement, they used a light version of a rubber-band motor. In addition, they combined the Butterfly’s lightness with a smooth animalistic design.

The Butterly’s appeal is so unique, that it would please both the fans of the ultra-realistic UGears Horse Mechanoid and the signature mechanical UGears puzzle sets. The Butterfly is a beautiful middle ground between these two categories. Let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer.

 A colorful symphony in wood

UGears Butterfly

Ugears Butterfly Mechanical Model Kit

The UGears Butterfly is an animated kinetic toy that consists of 161 parts. The Butterfly is gently flapping its wings while hovering over a flower. Just like a real butterfly, the mechanical one sports majestic wings from craft paper. The wings come in two sets: the colored one and the blank one for custom coloring. The stunning skeleton-like design of the wings makes the Butterfly light. The elastic rubber band gently moves the Butterfly imitating its realistic movements.

What makes the Butterfly so elegant:

– The gentle movements of the wings;

– The beautiful ornament of the wings;

– The gentle curve of the holder that connects the Butterfly to the platform;

– The immaculate lines of the flower on the same platform.

The mechanical principle

The aforementioned self-propelled rubber-band motor inside the Butterfly’s body is connected to the elegant platform. You can get the motor running with the help of special levers that are, in fact, the Butterfly’s hind legs! The two front pairs of legs of the Butterfly move together with the fluttering wings. However, the open-design exterior of the Butterfly not only reduces the figurine’s weight but also allows you to watch the rubber-band motor in motion. Just like all other UGears sets, the Butterfly’s key purpose remains the educational one.

An eco-friendly present for anyone

The UGears Butterfly’s material is 100%-natural high-grade plywood. All the parts of this stunning set come in a pre-cut form. The set also includes a colorfully-illustrated tutorial in 11 languages. The Butterfly is an ‘Easy’ assembly difficulty category set that will take between 1 and 3 hours to build.

The Butterfly could become an ideal gift for people of all ages it artfully manages to be both an educational toy and a stylish tabletop accessory.