Another novelty by UGears: the Monowheel model

UGears Mechanical Wooden Model 3D Puzzle Kit Monowheel

The Monowheel model – the latest novelty from UGears that will be available for purchase this summer. What is so unique about the Monowheel and why will you really want to buy it? We will talk about this below.

Design features of the Monowheel model

The developers of the Monowheel model were inspired by the popularity of electrical eco-transport. It is a model of the real monowheel that consists of 300 parts made from natural wood.
Since the model is formed in the skeleton style, all the movable elements that allow the wheel to move are visible. The gears and pistons, rubber bands, and other mechanical features are not hidden by the housing elements.

Another novelty by UGears: the Monowheel model - UGears USA 1

How does the Monowheel model work?

To bring the model into motion, you only have to turn the handle a couple of times in order to start it by pulling on the rubber band. The Monowheel has additional support with two small rollers, which provide stability during acceleration. But what happens next? When the wheel reaches the necessary amount of revolutions for stability, the additional support rotates and folds automatically! At this point, the wheel moves on its own!

– How far can it travel? It all depends on the surface and slope. On level ground, the wheel can travel more than 20-30 meters (65-98 ft.)!
– Can it be easily damaged? No, because, like a car tire, its working part is covered with shock-absorbing rubber, which provides good traction!
– But it is not recommended to play with it in the rain. Remember, the wheel is made from ecologically friendly untreated wood.
Hurry and become a lucky owner of the Monowheel model, which is already for sale on our online catalog.
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