UGears Deck Box and Dice Keeper for tabletop RPG games

UGears Mechanical Wooden Model 3D Puzzle Kit Dice Keeper

UGears has some more special surprises up their sleeves for the fans of tabletop RPG games. Find out more about these sets and their functionality in this article.

UGears Deck Box

The UGears Deck Box set is designed as an elegant storage space for cards, but not just any cards, as its exterior perfectly matches the unique style of tabletop RPG games. The box is divided into two compartments and equipped with a mechanical lock.

UGears Deck Box and Dice Keeper for tabletop RPG games 1

Cards could be safely locked inside during the game, and no one will have access to them. You can also use the box to store cards in every day. To open the valve, just click on the button at the bottom of the box, and the rubber drive will do its magic.

Dice Keeper

Dice Keeper is a similarly useful accessory for storing dice between games. Let’s take a look at its key features.

– The box is divided into two double compartments, each capable of storing up to 8 dice of various shapes;

– Opening the side of the box sets in motion a gear mechanism that simultaneously opens up the lid on top;

– Dice Keeper’s unique design helps create the right setting for the game.

UGears Deck Box and Dice Keeper for tabletop RPG games 2

Both the Dice Keeper and the Deck Box sets are a part of the same series of board game-themed 3D puzzles. Both sets are very easy to assemble since each of them has no more than 100 parts, all of which are made of natural wood.

The moving elements are based on simple mechanic principles and are a product of thoughtful engineering design. Treat yourself with learning more about other sets in this series using information provided in our catalog, from where you can also order the one you like best.