The Modular Dice Tower: a unique find for true tabletop games fans

UGears Mechanical Wooden Model 3D Puzzle Kit Modular Dice Tower

If you consider yourself a true board game lover and connoisseur, then you most likely find the Modular Dice Tower set irresistible. It can become an essential accessory for your leisure activities! This new 3D puzzle set from UGears is specifically designed to bring even more excitement and add a special flavor to your game nights!

What is The Modular Dice Tower and how does it work?

The Modular Dice Tower will make rolling the dice during any game as easy and comfortable as possible! It is made up of individual modules that can be assembled up to any desired height, while the bottom of the tower is equipped with a tray for the dice. When the tower is disassembled, each player gets a dice box of their own. To make your move, just put the dice inside put your box onto the top of the tower and press the button. The dice will be released and will end up in a tray in a certain combination.

The Modular Dice Tower: a unique find for true tabletop games fans - UGears USA 1

Why will you find The Modular Dice Tower special?

Isn’t it already simple enough to just roll the dice manually? You can, of course, go on doing that the traditional way, but will such a game be as exciting? With The Modular Dice Tower, you get much more!

– Only fair game – you can’t roll the dice in a certain way to get the desired combination. On the way down from the top of the tower, the dice will repeatedly tumble leaving the outcome entirely to chance;

– Unique party atmosphere – note the genuine design of this accessory. This stylish tower will turn your game table into a real battlefield, regardless of the type of the board game that is being played: whether it is an RPG or something else;

– Convenience – this device makes the gameplay more effortless, while the tower design leaves no space for questioning the fairness and transparency of each of your moves. So you and your friends can fully focus on the game, without being distracted by organizational issues.

This unique Modular Dice Tower set is only a part of the UGears tabletop and card game accessories series for true gaming enthusiasts! We invite you to take a look at other sets in this series to complete your collection of game accessories.