5 reasons to include Card Holder into your board games kit!

UGears Mechanical Wooden Model 3D Puzzle Kit Card Holder

Another exciting addition to the newest UGears tabletop games series – the Card Holder set. It is a neat box with compartments for cards that used in many board games. This stylish accessory is made of natural wood, and it not only creates the right atmosphere but also makes the game more exciting and the game process – more comfortable. We are ready to give you at least 5 reasons on why you just need to add the Card Holder set into your board game accessories collection!

Why you would definitely love Card Holder?

– Practicality and convenience – note that this is not just a box, but a multifunctional accessory. Simply turn the key to open it up, remove the top cover (the side one goes down on its own), and then unfold it to get access to all the compartments inside! Now you can reach for the cards you will need during the game with ease;

5 reasons to include Card Holder into your board games kit! - UGears USA 1

– Portability – once you fold the Card Holder after the game is over, it will turn into a neat box with a latch lock that does not take up much space;

– Genuine design – carved patterns on sides of the Card Holder contribute to its unique appeal. When unfolded, the box creates the right atmosphere for the gameplay, and when assembled it turns into stylish interior décor accessory;

– A fascinating assembly process – the set consists of 77 parts, so the assembly process itself promises to be very enjoyable;

– Forget about messy card decks – board games can require to be large quantities of different cards that unfortunately get lost from time to time. With Card Holder you will no longer have to worry about that: the 12 compartments will provide storage space and will be conveniently displaying cards during the game.

5 reasons to include Card Holder into your board games kit! - UGears USA 2

This 3D puzzle set from the board and card games accessories series are already available for purchase in our catalog. Don’t forget to look for other interesting accessories from the same series.