A Game Master’s Screen – for tabletop RPGs fans

UGears Mechanical Wooden Model 3D Puzzle Kit Game Master’s Screen

We are proud to present this season’s unique specialty – the Game Master’s Screen 3D puzzle set, which has everything it takes to become your irreplaceable assistant for tabletop RPG games. This is an accessory for the game master and is designed in such a way that the storyline will remain visible only to him, while the players get to see the branded pages with the game logo.

Why will Game Master’s Screen make your games more interesting?

Traditionally made from natural wood, this 3D puzzle set consists of 160 parts, but you can easily assemble it just within a couple of hours. What is special about its design?

– The assembled set consists of four panels where the GM can the place game legend sheets of a standard format;
– Sections can be slid together and folded like a book. This way storing the folded up set product takes up as minimum of the precious table space as possible;
– The middle part of the screen accommodates a dice tower to help the GM decide the fate of the players;
– Panels are fixed together by tight elastic rubber rings, and when folded, the panels snap into place, firmly holding each other.

A Game Master’s Screen – for tabletop RPGs fans - UGears USA 1

Functionality complemented by a special atmosphere of the game!

The Screen set is a great solution that not only makes it easier to create the game legend but also creates an appropriate entourage. The set is made entirely of natural wood and its genuine design features carved ornaments, so you can plunge into the game plot with no distractions.

Game Master’s Screen is suitable for most modern tabletop RPG games, allows you to save time and makes the gameplay more exciting. You can order this set right now, and don’t forget to browse our catalog and have a look at other accessories from the UGears game series.