Bring more excitement into your board games with DECK BOX!

UGears Mechanical Wooden Model 3D Puzzle Kit Deck Box

Board games have been popular at all times, but today you have the opportunity to make them even more memorable and exciting. UGears is launching a new series of 3D puzzle sets, each and every one of them is a full-fledged gaming accessory. The DECK BOX is designed to safely store and carry around a deck of cards.

What makes DECK BOX a must-have?

– This is a very genuine set that consists of 65 parts all of which are made of natural wood. You are guaranteed to enjoy the assembly process;

– This is a fully functional gaming accessory: simply press the buttons, and the sash covering the box will open allowing you to put the decks inside. Next, press the button at the bottom of the box, and they will reverse to the original position;

– The peculiar design of this accessory is ideally suited to a theme of any board game.

The secret of DECK BOX is elementary mechanics and a mechanism that makes the use of this set in the game process even more interesting. The box is 3.7 “x 3.3” x 4.4 “, and it can accommodate up to 60 cards of any, even a larger format. The internal space is divided into two compartments, which makes the accessory a great match for a variety of card and tabletop games.

Bring more excitement into your board games with DECK BOX! - UGears USA 1

How does DECK BOX work?

The valves movement is based on a simple mechanical act of gears and gear racks interaction. When the box is open, the rubber drive hidden inside gets stretched, the doors of the box are fixed in an open position, allowing the players to pull the cards out. Just press the button to release them, and the rubber actuator will make them slam on their own.

Note that this set is only one of a whole series of 3D puzzles for card and board games. Follow this link to get a closer look at other themed sets that are already available for purchase!