10 reasons to buy a new UGears Flight Starter 3D puzzle set

UGears Mechanical Wooden Model 3D Puzzle Kit Flight Starter

Flight Starter is a new  3D puzzle from UGears that has all the chances to become your new favorite once you learn a bit more about it. Below is the minimum of 10 reasons to why it should immediately become a part of your collection!

– Fascinating assembly process

The set consists of 198 parts, so its assembly process promises to be quite interesting, but not too complicated. You will most likely spend no more than 1-3 hours on it, turning it into a precious time with your family, children, or friends.

– An included paraglider

Together with Flight Starter you are getting a beautiful lightweight paraglider that you can have fun launching!

– Launch handmade aircraft

You don’t have to use just the paraglider that is included in the set, you can make your own airplanes from plain paper or cardboard, Flight Starter is ready to launch them too!

10 reasons to buy a new UGears Flight Starter 3D puzzle set - UGears USA 1

– Easy handling

To cock the rubber drive, just turn the knob at the bottom of the Flight Starter several times. Then, simply insert your airplane into the launcher so that its keel under the fuselage is located between the two launch rollers. Point the device upwards and pull the hook!

– Fun games with family and friends

Spend more time outdoors with your family and friends! With Flight Starter you will get another exciting leisure activity and another good reason to go outside more often.

– Safety and environmental friendliness

All our 3D puzzle sets are traditionally made of natural wood, and there is no glue needed to assemble them.

Aesthetic appeal

In between games, Flight Starter can become a real decoration for your interior and an exquisite part of your collection.

– Additional educational value for children

The assembly of the set and the handmade airplanes from cardboard contributes to the development of children’s motor skills, as well as to their understanding of mechanics fundamentals.


Flight Starter is truly one of its kind: it is an innovative 3D puzzle set made of natural wood.

– A chance to bring people joy

Flight Starter will make a great gift to family members or friends.

You can order Flight Starter from our catalog right now using this link.