The Wheel-Organizer – a new stylish accessory for your desktop

Ugears Wheel-Organizer

The Wheel-Organizer is another new arrival of this season that is available for purchase right now. Let’s find out more about this new stylish accessory and what makes it interesting and useful.

Configuration and purpose

The Wheel-Organizer is a useful table accessory for your office or study. It can accommodate up to 6 stationery pieces, including pens, pencils, markers, and brushes. The main convenience is that the accessories are arranged vertically, keeping always in your sight, and you can take the necessary item at any time.

Please note that the Wheel-Organizer is also a mechanical device. In the core of the mechanism, there is a gear drive that is connected to a large wheel, made in the shape of an old sea vessel steering wheel. All you have to do is turn it, and the organizer will start to rotate, turning each item in the ring retainer, in turn, to make it easier for you to reach it.

Of course, the appeal of the Wheel-Organizer lies first of all in the fact that it is very unusual. You can feel like a sea captain with it on your desk. Put this extraordinary accessory on your work desk or study table and it will make a stylish addition to your interior.

The Wheel-Organizer – a new stylish accessory for your desktop - UGears USA 1

Reasons for getting the Wheel-Organizer

  1. It is very easy to assemble: there are only 51 parts. And its simplicity is what guarantees its reliability;
  2. This set is made of natural wood without a single drop of glue, and it is environmentally friendly;
  3. It will help maintain keep your desktop in order while creating a pleasant ambiance.

The Wheel-Organizer model is already available in our online catalog, and you can order it right now for the best price with delivery!