UGears Timer – the time is in your hands!

UGears Mechanical Wooden Model 3D Puzzle Kit Timer

Can you imagine that you have a special power to control the time? The time that flies and cannot be turned back? UGears company can help you feel like the master of the time with its unique 3-d puzzle, the Timer.

This intricate mechanical model is made with natural wood materials and contains 107 pieces. Complex and entertaining, the Timer consists of the frame, several gears of various sizes and a beautiful pendulum. The assembly of this puzzle takes 4 to 8 hours and makes the perfect activity to involve the entire family and friends in.

How does the UGears Timer work?

UGears Timer is designed to set the countdown for a maximum period of 20 minutes. The face of the Timer is a clockwork with one arm and the time segments of 5, 10 and 15 minutes. To set the Timer, simply move the arm to the desired time period position. The arm activates the Timer’s rubber-band mechanism, that starts up the pendulum. The pendulum, in its turn, triggers the moving gears, and the countdown begins!

UGears Timer – the time is in your hands! - UGears USA 1

While the pendulum rhythmically moves with each passing second, the top part of the Timer reflects the pendulum motion. Made in the shape of a small pinwheel, the top dial produces repetitive movement that captivates your mind and creates a calming effect.

But this is not all. The Timer is designed as and carries a function of a real working timer: it measures and counts down the necessary time intervals. Use the Timer in your daily tasks, whether it’s baking, solving a brain teaser or if you need a simple reminder. Despite a seemingly simple design, UGears Timer features a high level of precision, so you can definitely rely on it with your cooking and other time-sensitive activities!

How to order UGears Timer?

You can order your own UGears Timer 3-d puzzle from our online catalog, where you can also find many other exciting UGears models and sets.

Each of UGears 3-d puzzles comes with the easy to understand illustrated instructions to ensure smooth and enjoyable assembly process.