UGears desktop accessory ideas!

UGears Mechanical Wooden Model 3D Puzzle Kit Roadster VM-01

Many aspects of your work environment can impact your productivity and influence your mood, including accessory ideas. Take your desk, for example. Having the eye-pleasing functional desktop accessories may contribute to increased productivity and put you into the creative mode. UGears company offers a number of unique sets and items, perfect to be your desk accessories.

UGears 3-d puzzles make an ideal desktop decor and are quite useful as everyday office accessories.

What models of 3-d puzzles are suitable for desktop decoration?

We suggest the following 3-d models for your workplace.

  • UGears Safe is a fully functional 3-d puzzle. It is a beautifully crafted wooden safe box with a door equipped with a combination lock. The combination lock is also realistic and will allow you to set your own locking combination. The Safe can fit in small personal treasures, however, we wouldn’t recommend it as a storage for your valuables. Nonetheless, UGears Safe makes an eye-catching desktop display and a neat accessory for your work or home office.

UGears desktop accessory ideas! - UGears USA 1

  • Another essential piece in any office space is a calendar. Old fashioned paper or digital, the calendars help maintain the order of tasks and keep your work schedule organized. UGears company offers its own version of a calendar, The Date Navigator. The Navigator is a unique mechanical dial calendar that shows the dates and corresponding days of a week until the year of 2044! It will become a handy tool for planning future tasks and activities and will keep you on track with important dates.

UGears desktop accessory ideas! - UGears USA 2

  • Don’t forget about the influence of aesthetics on creating the first impression and add a few stylish decorative pieces to your work desk. Set a unique desktop display with UGears Roadster VM-01. This classic beauty will definitely make a statement, but wait till it moves! Crank up the rubber-band motor, release the lever and watch your Roadster speed ahead! Open the Roadster hood for an amazing view of the performance of its realistically working shafts and gears!
UGears desktop accessory ideas! - UGears USA 3

Ugears Roadster VM-01 Model Kit

These and other exciting UGears models are available for orders from our online catalog now. Stay in tune and receive updates on the releases of the latest models and become the first to own UGears newest 3-d mechanical puzzles.