UGears models are the Winners of a 2018 Family Choice Award!

UGears models are the Winners of a 2018 Family Choice Award pic

UGears company is proud to announce its next accomplishment! Our Hurdy-Gurdy and U-9 Grand Prix Car 3-d mechanical puzzles won a 2018 Family Choice Award – congratulations to the winners!

For over 20 years the Family Choice Awards recognizes the best products and services for kids and families. This awards program is one of the most coveted, family-friendly consumer awards programs in the nation. The winners of the award are assured to be recognized by consumers nationwide as the most trustful source. This dictates the high standards and meticulous judgment criteria for the Award contestants. Nonetheless, two of UGears models took a lead in this challenging competition became the Family Choice Award winners!

UGears models are the Winners of a 2018 Family Choice Award! - UGears USA 1

What made UGears puzzles the winners of the Family Choice Awards?

Each of the winning models is a realistic, fully functioning work of art!

Hurdy-Gurdy is made with natural, eco-friendly wood materials and consists of 292 pieces. But the most exciting feature of this models is not its intricate design or sophisticated moving elements. Hurdy-Gurdy is a real musical instrument! Just imagine that you can build your own “crank organ” and play music on it after the fun of assembly is over.

Hurdy-Gurdy playing mechanism is the same as in the real Hurdy-Gurdy. To get the music flowing, simply crank the handle with one hand while using fingers on the other hand to push the wooden buttons. The rubber-band mechanism activates moving gears that create friction with the strings and produce sound!

The other Family Choice Awards 2018 winner is UGears U-9 GRAND PRIX CAR.

This model is an exact replica of vintage race cars. To set it in motion, simply crank up the rubber band motor, release the lever and watch U-9 GRAND PRIX CAR race ahead! Enjoy the view of the GRAND PRIX exposed working engine with its moving shafts and gears, just like the ones in a real race car.

We are very proud that our 3-d puzzle models earned the 2018 Family Choice Awards.

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