UGears Mechanical Wooden Model 3D Puzzle Kit U-Fidgets-Tribiks Ships

Are you fascinated with marine life and love everything about it? UGears has a few neat items to feed into your passion. Introducing UGears U-Fidget Tribiks Ships. This set of 3-d models is made with high-grade natural wood materials and consists of only 10 pieces each. The assembly of the models does not require the use of glue or any tools.

The special feature of these models is their compact size. Small enough for keychain charms or backpack zipper pools, the Tribiks were also intended as stress-relief toys. The small moving mechanism built into each model works as a perfect fidget element, helping to ease tension and alleviate anxiety.

What is inside the UGears U-Fidget Tribiks Ships set?



UGears U-Fidget Tribiks Ships collection consists of 4 toy vessels:

– The Boat, with moving hand wheel

– The Sail Boat with the moving motor

– The Ship with moving side paddle wheel

– The Submarine with portholes

All the models in the set are made with high-grade wooden materials and feature unique, recognizable for all UGEars models design. Put a keyring through a small opening on each model, and you have a perfect keychain charm! Or simply arrange Ships on your desk or a shelf for a perfect miniature vessels display.

Special features of UGears U-Fidget-Tribiks Ships

The assembly of each of the models in the U-Fidget-Tribiks Ships is a simple process and takes no longer than 10 minutes. The pieces of these puzzles are precut and feature “tongue and groove” type of connection that ensures strength and durability of the assembled model. After the work is complete, you Tribiks can become your perfect little companions in a waiting line or at an airport and bus stations. Use U-Fidget Tribiks as an aide for increasing focus and concentration and as a tension relief.

You can find more information about this and other exciting U-Fidget Tribiks model kits in our catalog. Choose from aircraft, cute animals or winter holiday collection and order your own Tribiks set online now.