Ugears Research Vessel: get ready for a deep-sea adventure!


Passion for exploration and discovery is something that has been fueling technological innovation for generations. The UGears Research Vessel is a highly-detailed 3d puzzle set that is a great tribute to our scientific bravery and innovative genius. This set is so captivating, you will never regret the over 10 hours you will spend on its assembly. Yes, this means that this is a model that is within a ‘Hard’ assembly-level category.

The true appeal of this set lies, however, in the high level of detail that it provides. The Research Vessel is a copy of the modern ice breakers and survey boats. 575 parts that this model consists of put it among the most challenging UGears sets to date together with the UGears Steam Locomotive.

Like all the other UGears sets, the Research Vessel sports a unique exterior design. This open design allows you to glance inside the engine room. Additionally, the model is made from high-quality plywood which makes it eco-friendly and extremely pleasant to the touch.

Key features

  1. The Crane. One of the key elements that you will probably see once you assemble the Research Vessel set, is a large swing jib crane. You can easily connect the bathyscaphe to it and drop it into the waters as well as pull it out with ease. The crane moves from side to side and lets you roll the block up and down to move the bathyscaphe around.
  2. The Bathyscaphe. The bathyscaphe itself is quite an interesting addition to the set. It can hold and drop small cargo in its claw mechanism in the front. You can easily control the mechanism by means of two levers on top. Once the deep-water mission is over, place the bathyscaphe on a special sliding platform, and continue your journey through the aquamarine ocean waters.
  3. The Cargo Compartment. The Research Vessel can store small cargo such as coins, knickknacks, and stationery in its cargo compartment. To open its folding doors simply turn the two knobs on the sides.
  4. Additional supplies. These include the lifeboat, the motorboat, and many other decorative elements, such as lifebuoys.
  5. The motor. The rubber-band motor is the heart of the Research Vessel that allows it to travel on its own. Wind up the model using the key on its side to let it start its journey. Another element is a pendulum that creates the smooth and life-like motion of the Vessel as if it is rocking on the fierce waves of the Pacific Ocean or battling its way through the ice. The model is also equipped with the lever that controls its operation such as forward, turn, and automatic maneuvering modes.

An additional perk of this set is the gear arrangement that makes a noise that is very similar to the sound of the real-life diesel engine.


The UGears Research Vessel is a challenging build that will, however, make you enjoy every minute of it as well as extend the fun far beyond just the assembly process.