The best non-vehicle mechanical UGears puzzles. Part 2

01.-Ugears-Date-Navigator (1)

This week we are looking at the best UGears puzzles that did not have vehicles as the source of inspiration. If you haven’t read our previous article on this subject, we strongly recommend going back and reading the first path of this list. Educational and fun mechanical puzzles do not necessarily have to be cars, boats, trains, and other means of transport. And the list that we came up with for you proves that.


The UGears Date Navigator is a unique calendar that you would not find anywhere else. Its decorative elements come together with elegance and smart functionality. Like many other mechanical sets, the Date Navigator features an open exterior. That allows you to watch the inner work of the gears and the mechanism.

You can place the Date Navigator on the wall of your study or office and it will allow you to track dates up until the year 2044. The unusual setup of this calendar will definitely spark up the interest of your colleagues while the exquisite exterior of the Date Navigator will add some steampunk elegance to any interior.



The best non-vehicle mechanical UGears puzzles. Part 2 - UGears USA 1

The UGears Mechanoid is a 3d puzzle set that stands out right away. The reason is that it is the first UGears set that is basically a quadruped robot.

The key challenge of a set like that was to make the Mechanoid’s movements as life-like as possible. In order to achieve that, the UGears engineers implemented a pendulum mechanism in the Horse’s chest that provides smooth movement. Additionally, the specially-designed claw mechanism is there to ensure that the Horse’s legs move in the same fashion that the real horse’s do. The Horse Mechanoid is a self-propelled set just like many vehicle sets by UGears. If you are familiar with our transport sets, you probably know that a rubber-band motor is what sets them in motion. This is also the case with the Mechanoid.


The best non-vehicle mechanical UGears puzzles. Part 2 - UGears USA 2
A hurdy-gurdy is an elegant musical instrument with a rich history that dates back to middle ages. This is the one-of-a-kind and a fully-functional mechanical music instrument that is made from 100%-eco-friendly materials. After assembling your UGears Hurdy-Gurdy, you can tune it and even learn to play some tunes using the enclosed tubulature.

The UGears Hurdy-Gurdy sounds like a mix of a bagpipe and a violin and features a set of strings and buttons. A beautiful carved wooden exterior with beautiful ornaments is a signature feature of all the UGears puzzles. The technical detail of this Hurdy-Gurdy puzzle can easily compete with some of the most complex mechanical puzzles. This makes it a real treat for both music lovers and 3d puzzle fans who are looking for new and challenging subjects.

What we were trying to prove with this article is that an exciting 3d puzzle does not necessarily have to be a vehicle. If you want to study smart mechanisms or appreciate the beauty of the elegant wooden carvings, these UGears sets would be the perfect choice for you!