The best non-vehicle mechanical UGears puzzles. Part 1


If we asked you what would be the best source of inspiration for a mechanical puzzle, what would you say?

Perhaps you would suggest that the best mechanical puzzle is the one that is a good illustration of mechanisms that surround us. Puzzles like that would give us knowledge that we need to understand how the basic laws of physics work. Would you base these puzzles on man-made creations or on something completely new or even unexpected? It is most likely the question of personal preference.

As you might know, UGears make all their puzzles from high-quality plywood. This makes them 100% eco-friendly. You might also know that they are mainly models of various means of transport. From royal carriages of the past and iconic vintage cars to modern heavy-duty trucks and even space rovers, the UGears vehicle collection has everything for everyone. But what if you are looking for something else? We all can admire the beauty of movement by looking at a wide range of objects. This is why the UGears engineers and designers decided to not limit the puzzle collection to just the vehicles.

Today we will be looking at the first part of our list of the best non-vehicle based UGears puzzles.


The UGears Amber Box, as you might have guessed by the name, is an amber-encrusted jewelry box that is an upgraded version of the UGears Antique Box. Both sets are the biggest UGears jewelry box in the collection. This means that the Amber Box and the Antique Box can accommodate more knick-knacks and jewelry than other boxes by UGears. It also means that these sets feature a unique and smart secret.

Victorian-era boxes that often had secret compartments were the inspiration behind these two sets. This is why the key to the Box’s appeal is not just its immaculately-carved and elegant exterior but also what is hidden inside. Open the latch lock on the front of the box and lift up the lid, you will see the six inner compartments that will slide from underneath each other. But this is not all. Locate a secret button on the backside of the box and open up two secret extra compartments!


The best non-vehicle mechanical UGears puzzles. Part 1 - UGears USA 1

The UGears Timer is a unique meditative set that could become a beautiful decor element of any room or office. The key element of the mechanism is the rubber-band hand that sets the carved gears in motion. An open exterior of this model that you might be already familiar with due to other UGears sets, is a trademark UGears feature that leaves the mechanism exposed to the viewer.

The Timer could be set for up to 20 minutes. An additional elegant element of the Timer is the roller pendulum on its top. The pendulum creates a gentle motion that is balanced out by a special amplitude adjustment system.


The best non-vehicle mechanical UGears puzzles. Part 1 - UGears USA 2

The UGears Carousel is a relatively new set. The Carousel features an open-design base that reveals the work of the rubber-band wind-up mechanism. Although this miniature merry-go-round replica might look complex, this is a set that will be equally enjoyable to build and to interact with afterward.

The Carousel features two rows of horses that move independently from each other. Additionally, there are birds that fly up and down above the roof of the Carousel. To make this wonderful set come to life, simply turn the key at its base. The main axle moves in a different direction than the base, which creates a unique and life-like motion of the little Carousel. This is a very unique and nostalgic set that will take you back to some of the happiest moments of your childhood.

We hope that you enjoyed the first part of our list. Next week we will continue talking about the best mechanical UGears puzzles that ware not transport- or vehicle-related.