3 wooden puzzles that will cheer you up


Sometimes we all need something to cheer us up. Something unique that will make our day and let us forget our worries and troubles for a little bit. Wooden 3d puzzles that smell of natural wood and come with a detailed and illustrated assembly manual might be just the thing.

The 3 charming sets that we selected for this list all share the same signature features of 3d puzzles by Ugears that we all love, such as the intricate carved design and smart mechanisms. Additionally, they might feature some emotional connection to something you love and cherish, like a childhood memory or a lifelong dream. Let’s take a look at the 3 best UGears puzzles that can make today better for you right now.


The UGears Carousel could become your perfect companion for a nostalgia-filled evening. This is one of the most elegant UGears sets to date. The Carousel will take you between 4 to 8 hours to assemble, during which you can reminisce about the last time you went to a fair or simply enjoy the process. Many meticulously-carved elements of this model are only the tip of the iceberg. The Carousel has so much more to offer from two types of horses that move up and down in two rows as the base is rotating to the bids above its roof that also move in sync with the mechanism.

Like many other similar models, the Carousel is a wind-up one, which means that it is powered by a rubber-band motor that is hidden in its base. The base allows you to see the intricate work of the gears inside which adds up to the overall pleasing and magical experience that this set offers.


3 wooden puzzles that will cheer you up - UGears USA 1

The UGears Timer is a 3d puzzle set in the ‘Intermediate’ category. This means that you can take your time to assemble its 107 parts together if you would like to take a laid-back approach. Being one of the most elegant UGears sets, the Timer is one of the best ones to watch its gears in action. Its core is a frame with gears that interact with each other once you wind up its rubber-band motor.

The Timer is a meditative puzzle that, once assembled, can become a great centerpiece of your office desk. through soothing pendulum motions and gentle ticking, it will allow you to take a 20-minute break at any time. A unique roller pendulum is located on the top of the Timer, while the amplitude adjustment system that creates its smooth motion is adjusted to the back wall.


3 wooden puzzles that will cheer you up - UGears USA 2

The UGears Mars Buggy is one of the most charming vehicle models that UGears has ever created. This tiny space rover is ready to go on an adventure of its own any minute. The Buggy sports a unique wheel suspension that allows it to climb over small obstacles just like it would if it were on the surface of the Red Planet. Additionally, the small cargo compartment on its roof allows the Buggy to transport small knick-knacks and stationery from point A to point B with ease.

Another pleasing detail about the space rover is the level of detail. This includes the tiny replica of Mars on its front panel, the video camera on its side, and the solar panels on its roof. If you are looking to relax and try to let go of your stress today, a Mars Buggy, a dreamy but yet fully-operational space rover, could become your faithful companion.