3d puzzles straight from a fairy tale. Part 2


If you think that this summer might need a little bit more magic, then you have come to the right place. Today we are continuing to look at the most exciting and elegant UGears sets. They have been inspired by the magical world of fairy tales. We all have a favorite fairy tale and with these puzzle sets, you can reminisce about the times when you were a child or let your child enjoy the intricate wood carvings and the work of these delicate mechanisms.

Each of these sets comes with an illustrated manual and is made from high-grade plywood. You can easily take every part of the puzzle from its wooden frame when it arrives because all the pieces come pre-cut. What is more, you don’t need any extra tools to build your beautiful set.


The UGears Flower is a unique and dreamy set that is quite easy to assemble. This makes the Flower a perfect gift for a beginner in 3d puzzle assembly.

The set consists of 101 parts and should take not more than 3 hours to build. The Flower is designed as a jewelry box but we can guarantee that if would be hard for you to find something even remotely similar. When closed, this jewelry box looks like a flower bud. The mechanism that is activated by pulling a ring at the Flower’s base reveals a tiny ballerina inside that is hidden inside the intricately-carved petals. If you would like to keep the resemblance to the Thumbelina story you can stick to this base. Alternatively, you can switch to a different base that features a magical tree instead of a ballerina that also comes with this set.


3d puzzles straight from a fairy tale. Part 2 - UGears USA 1

If the Flower set is for lovers of fairy tales who are only beginners at 3d puzzle assembly, the UGears Royal Carriage set is quite the opposite. It is a challenging model that will need between 4 and 8 hours of your time as it consists of almost 300 parts.

Like many vehicle-inspired sets, the Royal Carriage boasts some history behind its creation. The UGears engineers were inspired by the early 20th-century classic, the 1902 State Landau carriages. It is a model of a 4-horse-pulled coach with a stunning level of detail and which is, of course, self-propelled.  Additionally, the Royal Carriage comes with the set of figurines, which includes the coachmen and the most famous members of the royal family: Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, HRH The Queen with HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

We already mentioned an exceptional level of detail that this set provides, which is common for many UGears sets in the ‘Hard’ assembly difficulty category. The rubber-band motor and the motor suspension belts that you can see in action through the carved body of the coach is started with the help of the winding key and the release of the back axle lever. This allows the Royal Carriage to travel for up to 13 feet. In addition to that, the Carriage features opening doors with locks, a beautifully-carved body, and sets that look like miniature copies of fashionable leather sets in the original real-life model.

We hope that our magical puzzle list has allowed you to look at the mechanical puzzles by UGears from a new angle. Hopefully, it inspires you to further investigate the world of wooden puzzles.