3d puzzles straight from a fairy tale. Part 1


Many fans of UGears wooden 3d puzzles by UGears know and love them for their mechanical properties. But another striking feature of these sets is the unique design. The signature style of the UGears sets could be probably best described as a mixture of steampunk and Victorian-era style and intricate wooden carvings that we see in many art objects that are made of wood.

All the UGears puzzle sets are made from high-quality plywood and feature an astonishing level of detail. Every time you open a box with a brand new UGears puzzle inside, the aroma of natural wood fills the room. All the puzzle pieces come pre-cut and are joined together with just a gentle push.

The intricate design, the eco-friendly materials, and the smart engineering approach are what make some UGears sets look like they came from the pages of our favorite fairy tales. Today we will be looking at the most magical UGears puzzle sets.


The UGears Theater could easily be one of the most delicate sets in the whole collection. It features only 70 parts and takes up to 3 hours to assemble depending on the skill. The Theater could be called the quintessential UGears set because it consists of gears of different sizes.

The role of the gears is to change the scenery and the characters on the Theater’s stage. Each scene that takes place on the theater’s stage is made up of the three main elements. The elements include the figure on the left and the figure on the right as well as the background scenery. Various combinations of dragons, kings, princesses, jesters, witches, and other magical characters are what make the Theater a unique gift for all lovers of fairy tales.


3d puzzles straight from a fairy tale. Part 1 - UGears USA 1

The UGears Windmill is telling a different story which is, however, too is filled with our favorite characters. This set is inspired by the world-famous classics, the ‘Don Quixote’ by Miguel de Cervantes. The particular scene that the puzzle depicts is one of the most famous ones in the book that has become a widely-acknowledged metaphor.

The set includes the Windmill and two little figurines of the brave Don Quixote himself and his loyal squire Sancho Panza. The duo is facing a fully-operational mechanical Windmill. The Windmill set consists of an impressive amount of parts, 585. It is a set that will require a little more than just love of classical literature. It will take between 9 and 16 hours to assemble the Windmill, which puts it in the ‘Hard’ assembly category.

This is not the full list of the most magical puzzles by UGears. We will continue our list in the next post.