3d puzzles and technology


We are lucky to be living in the time of exciting technological innovations. And whether we are on board with all of them or not, they are rapidly changing our lives. Today let’s take a closer look at the impact technology is having on our education and our leisure.

The new STEM-lab series by UGears is a unique collection of 3d puzzles that illustrate mechanisms that we see and interact with in our everyday life. The key principle behind the STEM method (Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology) as an educational tool is to demonstrate their basic rules in close ties with real life. This way students get their knowledge through tasks and projects that are more practice than theory.

An Augmented Reality feature as an educational tool

The UGears STEM-lab series sets, unlike other UGears construction kits, has an Augmented Reality (AR) feature. This feature allows you to see each mechanism from various angles as a 3d model on a tablet or on a phone. The app shows the mechanism’s key features, parts, as well as detailed descriptions of its real-life application. In addition to the mechanism’s history and a construction manual, this creates a powerful educational tool for any age.

So far, the series features 4 sets: the STEM-lab Differential, the STEM-lab Gearbox, the STEM-lab Pendulum, and the STEM-lab Counter. All the sets come with a Pocket Model’s Study Guide and a beautifully-illustrated and detailed Manual.

STEM-lab sets to consider first

3d puzzles and technology - UGears USA 1

The two sets that illustrate the key parts of any modern car are the STEM-lab Gearbox and the STEM-lab Differential. They could become a great gift for any car lover regardless if they know the mechanics behind cars or not. They are good starter sets because their purpose and application are quite clear for people of different ages. Each STEM-lab set is made from high-quality plywood and does not require any additional tools, as each part is easily joined together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

The Gearbox is a 4-speed manual gearbox that is a part of a car transmission mechanism. The speeds are I, II, III, and Reverse. They are regulated by a gear shifting lever and two lever shafts that rotate the gears.

The Differential set consists of a set of wheels, the locking lever that you can move to lock and unlock the wheels, and a locking clutch. The Differential is a part of a car’s transmission that regulates its maneuverability.