Best 3d puzzles for summer trips


We think of puzzles as something we can engage in during a quiet evening at home, alone in our study or in a group of friends or family. But what if we could take the fun and the challenge of puzzles with us when we go on a trip? In summer when you and your family are planning trips, take some time to check out this list of road-friendly UGears puzzles that will keep you busy along the way.

All the UGears puzzles come in a box with all the puzzle pieces pre-cut so you can just simply push them out of their wooden frames. Additionally, all the UGears puzzles do not require any additional tools for assembly such as glue or screwdrivers.  The parts connect together just like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, with a gentle click. Another pleasant surprise will be revealed as soon as you open the box, as you will instantly feel the intricate aroma of high-quality plywood that all UGears parts are made from. Take out an illustrated assembly manual and get ready to create something beautiful with your own hands.


The UGears U-Fidgets series is a unique line of tiny puzzles that can be used as stress-relievers and focus-assistance tools once they are assembled. The U-Fidgets series includes several sets: the U-Fidgets Ships, the U-Fidgets Vehicles, the U-FidgetCreations, the seasonal set the U-Fidgets Gearmas, the U-Fidgets Tribics, and the U-Fidgets Aircraft. We are going to be looking at the latter. Each set consists of approximately 10 parts which makes it extremely easy to transport. It takes about 20 minutes to assemble each set of the U-Fidgets series. But if your trip is longer than that, don’t worry: the fun doesn’t end there.

The U-Fidget sets once assembled, feature up to 4 miniature models. As you could have guessed by the name, the U-Fidget Aircraft set features various types of aircraft models: a Blimp, an Airplane, and a Hydroplane. So how do these models work as anxiety relievers? The assembled size of each model is 1.2’’ x 1.6’’ x 2’’. So you can easily hold them in your hand. Use your index fingers or thumb to rotate their moving elements. This could also be a good way of relaxing to enjoy the rest of your trip. Additionally, the UGears U-Fidgets could be used as keychains.


Best 3d puzzles for summer trips - UGears USA 1


The UGears Deck Box is a set from the UGears series of tabletop games accessories. Other sets in the series include the UGears Card Holder, the UGears Modular Dice Tower, the UGears Game Master’s Screen, and the UGears Dice Keeper. As you can probably tell by the names, these sets are designed for tabletop card games and RPGs. And while not all road trips allow for the use of tables, the Deck Box will help you transport your cards with maximum comfort during your trip.

The Deck Box consists of 65 parts and will take you between 1 and 3 hours to assemble. Its exterior is an intricately-carved fantasy-style ornament while its interior can store up to 120 cards (2.48” x 3.46”). The inside of the Box is split into two sections that accommodate 60 cards each. But there’s more!

To make sure all your cards make it safe to your next destination, the Deck Box employs a smart mechanism. This mechanism keeps the cards safe inside. The ledges on the side of the Box once pressed, let the two parts of the lid to slide open to reveal the deck inside. Simply use the ledge at the bottom on the side of the box to close it in a simple manner. This aesthetically pleasing mechanical motion is not only a great way to keep your deck in order. It is also a way to add more fun to any card game.


Best 3d puzzles for summer trips - UGears USA 2

The UGears STEM-lab Counter is a part of a brand new STEM-lab series by UGears. The series is focusing on an innovative approach to teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math through immersive classes. The key goal of this method is to teach children hands-on skills by demonstrating the real-life applications of their study subjects. This new  UGears series so far consists of 4 sets. This includes the STEM-lab Differential, the STEM-lab Gearbox, the STEM-lab Pendulum, and the aforementioned STEM-lab Counter.

A unique feature of the series is that each set comes with an Augmented Reality (AR) feature. This allows you to look at the ways the set is used in real life. You can also study the part you are assembling from different angles as a 3d model on your smartphone or tablet.

The STEM-lab Counter is a miniature copy of an odometer. Although an idea behind this mechanism dates as far back as Ancient Greece, we can see these mechanisms in action every day. An odometer is an essential part of every modern vehicle, as it is used to show mileage. The Counter can register values between 1 and 999. This tiny model allows you to easily switch between values by simply clicking on the button on top. Everything else is done automatically.

The Counter is the most sophisticated set in our small list of road-friendly UGears sets. It consists of 157 parts and takes between 1 and 3 hours to assemble. But it’s still is quite easy to build while you are on your way to your destination. And as a bonus, you can use the Counter to count anything you see on your ways, such as road signs, street lights, and etc.

We hope that our list of 3d puzzles will help you keep yourself or your children busy while you are on your way to a vacation of your dreams this summer.