Set out for scientific adventures with the Ugears Research Vessel and the UGears Mars Buggy


The UGears mission is to help people learn about technology and innovation through hand-on fun and entertaining learning experiences. This is why all UGears 3d puzzle sets feature mechanical elements, self-propelled motors, and an amazing amount of detail! Buckle up for exciting adventure on two of the most exciting terrains: space and the deep.

All the UGears 3d puzzle sets are made from eco-friendly materials and come with a beautiful illustrated assembly manual in 11 languages. To get the puzzle pieces out of the wooden frames that they come in, simply gently push them. Connecting the puzzle pieces together also does not require any serious effort or extra tools. All you need for the build is already in the box. Just relax and enjoy the process.


The UGears Research Vessel is this month’s novelty. This set could easily become a gem of any collection. Regardless of whether you prefer the easier or the more challenging sets, the Research Vessel is truly mesmerizing. This is a typical all-in-one set that does not just include one boat. It also features a fully-detachable bathyscape and a sophisticated swing jib crane that helps you load and drop the bathyscape into the intriguing blue of the ocean waters below.

Like many other mechanical UGears sets, the Research Vessel features a rubber-band motor that allows it to move on its own. To start its motion, simply wind it up by using the key on its side. Another life-like feature of this set is the special arrangement of its mechanism. The gears and the motor make noise that is similar to that of a diesel engine. Another UGears set, the Tugboat boasts a similar feature. This allows both of these nautical models to move at a smooth pace as if they are rocking on the real waves.

The Research Vessel is a ‘Hard’ assembly-level set which means that it is going to take between 9 and 16 hours to build it. These hours, however, will be filled with many fun and enjoyable moments.


Set out for scientific adventures with the Ugears Research Vessel and the UGears Mars Buggy - UGears USA 1

The UGears Mars Buggy is another set for the true adventurers. With humanity boldly moving towards new space discoveries, now is the best time for this model to take its place on your shelf. The Red Planet has been captivating the scientific minds for decades now. We would not have been able to expand the horizons of our knowledge without the humble helpers like this. With Mars colonization now becoming more and more real, we should not forget about the humble Mars rovers that have made their giant contribution.

The UGears Mars Buggy features solar batteries, a camera on the side of the cabin, and a small cargo compartment on its roof. This allows it to carry small items such as stationery anywhere its mission takes it. Additionally, it has a set of wheels. The unique suspension allows the Mars Buggy to climb over small obstacles which imitate the complexity of the real-life Mars terrain. This is a set within an ‘Easy’ assembly category which makes it a perfect gift for both the younger adventurers and people who are only starting to learn about the mechanical 3d puzzles. The cute perk of the set is the little image of Mars on the front panel of the space rover.