UGEARS new item – Heavy Boy Truck VM-03

UGears Mechanical Wooden Model 3D Puzzle Kit Heavy Boy Truck VM-03

UGEARS new item - Heavy Boy Truck VM-03 - UGears USA 1

UGEARS introduces another mind-blowing addition to its summer collection – Heavy Boy Truck VM-03. This 541-piece mechanical model is a mini replica of American classic tractor trailers, that impresses with a striking resemblance to its real-life prototype.
Like all of UGEARS vehicle model, the Heavy Boy is made with high-quality natural wood materials. However, the design of Heavy Boy Truck is nothing less than its steel-made original’s. From the headlights, wheel fenders, exhausts, and a coupler, to the cabin with the sleeper, – all these details are exact of the real tractor trailer.
Some other exciting features of the Heavy Boy Truck VM-03 are, the opening cabin and sleeper compartment doors, fully functioning steering wheel, turning front axle and more.

What makes the Heavy Boy Truck VM-03 so unique?

The most exciting and mesmerizing feature of the Heavy Boy Truck is, its ability to move on its own! With a single crank of its rubber band motor, the Tuck is capable to run up to 16 feet on a straight line. The motor is strong enough to power up the Truck and also allows it to pull the Trailer with a load. The Heavy Boy Truck Trailer can also be ordered on website.
The Heavy Boy Truck VM-03 is quite maneuverable: it can move forward and on the reverse and is sturdy enough to go up and down an arched bridge. The front wheel’s axle controls Truck’s motion.
A catchy detail of the Truck design is the ladders. This model features two of them. One, located on the left side of Trucks’ cabin, leads into a sleeping compartment, and the other, on the right of the cabin, provides an access to the Truck’s top deflector. Additional design features are, the iconic flames, carved onto the cabin’s wooden walls and, of course, UGEARS corporate logo.

UGEARS new item - Heavy Boy Truck VM-03 - UGears USA 2

The average time for assembly The Heavy Boy Truck model is about 10 hours. Use the Truck model assembly kit as a perfect opportunity to plan a weekend filled with educational fun with your family. We guarantee hours of enjoyment and delight, as your team effort in assembling 541 small pieces, will result in spectacular arousal of a magnificent tractor trailer. Bring your Truck to life with cranking up its rubber-band motor, and watch it hit the open road!
You can order your Heavy Boy Truck VM-03 on our website now, at, and become one of the first to enjoy this magnificent miniature replica of American tractor trailers.