New Heavy Boy Truck VM-03 Trailer

UGears Mechanical Wooden Model 3D Puzzle Kit Heavy Boy Truck VM-03 Trailer

UGEARS introduces one of the newest in its summer collection, the Heavy Boy Truck VM-03 Trailer! This model is a must-have addition to UGEARS Heavy Boy Truck (also available on UGEARS website). This full-size semi long-hauler is a work of art, with carved rear gate and the realistic design features.

The Truck Trailer model consists of 138 pieces and is assembled without the use of any glue.

When assembled, it strikes the imagination with its resemblance to the real-life tractor trailers. Details such as front and rear wheel axles, landing gear and rear gate with a latch, make UGEARS Heavy Tuck VM-03 Trailer a great model to admire and to play with.

What’s special about the trailer?

But the most exciting feature of the Trailer is its tiny built-in mechanism that, like in all of UGEARS vehicle models, produces real motion. To load the Trailer you need to open the rear gate and start rotating the loading handle. The handle extends out the Trailer’s loading platform, where small office supplies items such as pencils, markers, and notepads can be placed. Put a couple of potted plants into the Trailer, and you’ll have a unique floral display!

New Heavy Boy Truck VM-03 Trailer - UGears USA 1

UGEARS Trailer hooks up with UGEARS Heavy Boy Tuck VM-03 with a built-in coupler, making the Truck into a fully equipped tractor trailer, that can run a distance up to16 feet on a single crank of its motor.

The assembly of UGEARS Heavy Boy Truck VM-03 Trailer takes about 3 hours and is guaranteed to bring lots of fun and positive emotions.

All the parts of the Trailer are made with high-grade wooden materials and, like all UGEARS models, feature the traditional signature design.

You can order your own UGEARS Heavy Boy Truck VM-03 Trailer on our website now.