UGEARS Flexi-Cubus – a great stress reliever!

UGears Mechanical Wooden Model 3D Puzzle Kit Flexi-Cubus

Our modern world with its demanding dynamics can sometimes be stressful and overwhelming. That is why it’s important to find time and ways to unwind after a busy day and effectively relieve tension. Stress relief through manipulation of small objects, such as stress balls, spinners, and other fidget trinkets, produce immediate results, has no side effects, is budget-friendly and requires no visits to a family doctor.
Here, UGEARS offers its own solution to effective stress and tension relive – the Flexi-Cubus.

UGEARS Flexi-Cubus – a great stress reliever! - UGears USA 1

What’s special about the Flexi-Cubus?

The Flexi-Cubus is a 3-d puzzle that consists of 144 pieces. Unlike a number of plastic-made stress relief trinkets out there, the Flexi-Cubus is made with high quality, natural wood materials. Before you can test the Flexi-Cubus as the nerve-calming aide, you need to work on its assembly. The assembly takes about 3-4 hours and you may notice, that the process itself is quite enjoyable. But, the main feature that makes the Flexi-Cubus stand out, is its moving elements. The cube is made of eight joint-connected geometrical spheres, where each of the spheres is a tiny mechanism. The flexible connection of the spheres allows to move them one over another, creating various unlimited shapes. Designed as an anti-stress toy, UGEARS Flexi-Cubus is also ideal to help increase concentration and enhance the thought process. The moving segments of this toy make it an excellent tool for small muscle and fine motor skills development.

UGEARS Flexi-Cubus – a great stress reliever! - UGears USA 2
Despite its sophistication and seemingly complex structure, the Flexi-Cubus is quite simple in use. There is no specific algorithm to follow, you can simply turn the moving segments one over another, without even looking at the cube.
The Flexi-Cubus is made in the best traditions of UGEARS mechanical models design.
You can order your Flexi-Cubus and find more other exciting 3-d puzzles on UGEARS website already today.