Classic Roadster, UGEARS newest mechanical model!

UGears Mechanical Wooden Model 3D Puzzle Kit Roadster VM-01

UGEARS introduces a new addition to its classic vehicle collection, the Roadster. This classic model is created in the best practices of UGEARS self-propelled wooden mechanical models. Designed and executed to match its real-life prototype, UGEARS Roadster is perfect for speed and the open road. Furthermore, this is not just your typical vintage car model, that proudly takes its place among other collectibles on a shelf. UGEARS Roadster is a fully functioning model that features realistically moving parts set in motion by a combination of wooden and rubber band mechanisms. Check under the hood and you discover, a working 4-cylinder engine! With every moving piston, each shifting gear and every little detail, UGEARS Roadster is designed to mesmerize with its magic of motion.

Classic Roadster, UGEARS newest mechanical model! - UGears USA 1

When fully assembled, the Roadster is capable of running a distance of over 13 feet on a flat surface, with a single crank of its key (the key is a spare tire, located on a back of a storage compartment). You can control the direction of movement of the Roadster with fully functioning steering wheel and a shift gear.

Get into a teamwork spirit!

UGEARS Roadster wooden assembly kit contains 437 pieces and guarantees a fun-filled day or a weekend with your team of vehicle engineers and mechanics. The pleasure of working on the assembly of UGEARS Roadster is that much greater because all its parts are precut and connect like the ones in jigsaw puzzles, without the use of glue or any other tools and materials.

Classic Roadster, UGEARS newest mechanical model! - UGears USA 2

Ugears Roadster VM-01 Model Kit

As your Roadster is complete, it’ll continue to amaze you with its resemblance to the real-life roadsters. This astonishing similarity is reflected in all aspects of the Roadster design: its elegant style, the precision of details and the powerful mechanism with real shifting gears.

You can order UGEARS Roadster on our website, where you can also find other new and exciting UGEARS wooden mechanical models!