Safe Vault model – how to set your personal code


UGears Safe is a unique keepsake/jewelry box that is not only a pretty accessory fitting nicely in any room decor but a fully functional miniature safe box!

Each of UGears Safe models comes with a preset factory standard lock code combination. However, you can change this combination and set your own code. This is how to do it.Safe Vault model – how to set your personal code - UGears USA 1

First, pick up your Safe and take a closer look at it. Find three large pucks with two pins inserted in each puck. It is important to locate the pucks with pins because they are the key instruments in setting the code. You will need to shift these pins in the order to set your own code combinations.

Safe Vault model – how to set your personal code - UGears USA 2

This particular mechanism of code combination setting was developed by Leonardo Da Vinci in 15th century Renaissance Italy. The process of setting code combinations is achieved by solving an actual mathematical equation. For example, you’d like to set a code using digits 4, 1 and 6. You will need to use this formula to get sets of numbers you will use to shift the pins into the correct positions:

  • P2=P3-((B-A+8) mod 10)
  • P1=P2+(B-C) mod 10

In this formula, values A, B and C are 4,1 and 6, accordingly. Keep in mind, that the last digits in your code combination can only be 1, 2, 6 and 7, as preset by technical specifications of the Safe. So, if you plug your values into the formula, you’ll get numeric combinations for setting the pins. In our example, for code 416, you’ll need to use combination 838 and 505 to set the pins. Remember, you must follow the instructions precisely to ensure the correct setting of the code.

Opening the Safe

There are two ways you can use to open the Safe. First, fun, but not a law-abiding approach, is “safe-cracking”. Under the cover of a night, in a total silence, start rotating the safe lock disk towards the first number in your sequence, counterclockwise. Listen closely, for every click of the locking mechanism. The loudest click indicates the right position and the first digit in the code combination. Next, rotate the disk in a clockwise motion, until it produces the loudest clicking noise. Now, you have the second digit in your code combination. To get the third digit, rotate the disk counterclockwise, until the loudest click. This safe-cracking approach is quite challenging because it requires skills like the ability to concentrate, patience and near-perfect hearing.

Another approach to open your Safe does not require a code combination. You simply disassemble the Safe according to the instructions manual. Less romantic and exciting, this method is as effective as “safe-cracking” and also requires certain skills.

The Safe is one of many exciting mechanical models Ugears offers to wooden assembly kits enthusiasts all over the world. You can order the Safe and other mechanical models by visiting UGears official website.