The “Bike VM-02” is available for pre-orders

Ugears Bike VM-02


Ugears introduces new summer special edition – The “Bike VM-02” wooden assembly kit. This realistic-looking model, crafted in the best traditions of Harley Davidson motorcycles, is made with high grade, natural plywood and consists of 189 pieces. The Bike is one of Ugears less complex models, with a suggested assembly time of 3 to 5 hours.

The Bike will exceed your expectations, because it not just a simple static model. Like all of Ugears mechanical models, the Bike produces real motion! Simply crank up the key to activate the rubber band motor and watch your “Bike VM-02” take on the open road.

Pre-order The “Bike VM-02” wooden assembly kit

You have an opportunity to pre-order this exciting model on our website right now and become one of the first customers to receive it, before the model becomes available at our retail and online stores. We guarantee this model will impress you with detailed execution and its striking resemblance to legendary “hog’s”.


The assembled Ugears “Bike VM-02” makes a unique, eye-catching collectible that can be displayed on a shelf or become a nice addition to your office décor. The Bike comes with a display stand to secure the model in a vertical position on a flat surface. However, your Ugears “Bike VM-02” will not remain static for long. Impressed by its magical ability to produce real motion, you will want to see it in action over and over again. The Bike’s turning handlebars allow it to change direction of motion and the wide rear wheel provides stability, preventing the Bike from tipping over, whether its static or on the move. The special, unique to all Ugears mechanical vehicle models design exposes shifting pistons in the motor, allowing you to observe the Bike’s moving mechanism. With Ugears new “Bike VM-02”, you have an opportunity to spend quality time together with your friends or family, working on the assembly of this exciting model.

Pre-order now and you’ll become one of the first customers to enjoy working on and playing with this new exciting mechanical model!