Create a Wild West atmosphere with UGEARS Stagecoach


UGEARS presents one of the newest items from its latest collection of environmentally friendly, made with natural wood, mechanical models – The Stagecoach! Crafted in the best practices of 18-19th century Wild West carriages, the Stagecoach is made up of 240 parts and looks exactly like its historic prototype. The resemblance is achieved with carriage engineering design and authentic details, such as large wheels, opening doors, two luggage compartments on the roof with an additional one on the back. The compartments are fully functional! They open and close and can hold small items such as, candy for kids, jewelry or a secret love note.

Like all the UGEARS mechanical models, The Stagecoach produces self-motions. To set it off, simply wind up the key, located at the bottom of the carriage, place The Stagecoach on a flat surface, release the breaks and watch it scurry along the prairies of the Wild West, its stone-paved bridges and historic towns.

Create a Wild West atmosphere with UGEARS Stagecoach - UGears USA 1

This model is designed and crafted along the lines of the original carriages, which were used in the late 18 to early 19th centuries. The design of The Stagecoach features, authentic for all UGEARS wooden mechanical models, recognizable exquisite decor elements such as, curvy patterns adorning the exterior of the coach and the curly manes of the horses!

All the parts of The Stagecoach wooden puzzle are made with exceptional, precision cutting technique, that ensures flawless assembly and guarantees an exciting time for the whole family. Working on The Stagecoach assembly could become a weekend project. The perfect activity for a quiet evening in a lake house, that will help plunge you into an atmosphere of serenity and solitude, away from the pressures of the busy city life.

Create a Wild West atmosphere with UGEARS Stagecoach - UGears USA 2

The Stagecoach comes in a box, with all the parts pre-cut and completely ready for assembly, without the use of glue or any additional tools. After the model is complete, you can play with it or display as an eye-catching piece, reminding you of the happy times you spent together with the whole family.

UGEARS Stagecoach is now available for purchase and can be ordered from UGEARS catalog, at the best introductory price! Get your Stagecoach and dive into the historic atmosphere of the Wild West!