UGears Steam Locomotive is a Tillywig Award 2018 winner!


UGears company is proud to announce the next achievement: our mechanical model Locomotive was nominated to and won the first prize as the best leisure entertainment toy at Tillywig Award 2018 competition! The contest was organized and held by Tillywig company where the participants were evaluated in the following criteria: clarity and simplicity of initial use, replay value of reuse, quality and performance, socialization value, fun factor, creativity, impact on thought processes and motor skills development.

UGears Steam Locomotive is a Tillywig Award 2018 winner! - UGears USA 1

UGears Locomotive outran its competitors in all the criteria and took a much-deserved first place in acclaimed categories. The organizers of the competition appreciated the complexity of the design alone with relative simplicity of construction, resemblance of the model to its real-life prototype, accuracy and precision of parts, consistency and clarity of the assembly instructions, and most notably, the ability of Steam Locomotive to move independently, through the interaction of strain gauges, wooden gears, levers and various drives.

The Locomotive model is capable to run a distance of about 5 meters with a single wind up. It produces forward and reverse movement and is able to go up and down an arch bridge. Though complex, the construction process of this model is a lot of fun: all the parts are precut and ready for assembly without any additional tools or even a single drop of glue.

UGears Steam Locomotive is a Tillywig Award 2018 winner! - UGears USA 2

Such success of UGears Locomotive at Tillywig Award 2018 is a direct result of UGears team efforts and proof that UGears team is on the right track! UGears specialists take pride in company’s products. Not only they put hearts into the process of creation of UGears mechanical models, but use their professionalism and knowledge in engineering and mechanics to create authentic, one of a kind wooden assembly kits for mechanical modeling enthusiasts all over the world. Vesting their souls into making of UGears mechanical models and guided by clear engineering intentions and the basic laws of mechanics, our experts create truly unique constructors from natural wood.

Working on assembly of Locomotive is a lot of fun and a unique opportunity to taste your engineering skills and abilities. After the model is complete,  you can try on a hat of past century steam train engineer and navigate Locomotive with a Tender along the wooden tracks.

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