UGears models series

UGears Mechanical Wooden Model 3D Puzzle Kit U-Fidgets Happy New Gears

UGears company offers a large variety of natural wood-made 3-d mechanical model sets for kids and adults of all ages. The collections of dozens of various models have been divided into four main series that will make the process of choosing the models much easier.

UGears U-Fidget Tribiks

The U-Fidget series is a collection of miniature models intended as stress-relief toys and keychain charms and are designed in four different themes: Christmas ornaments, holiday gifts, transportation vehicles, and animals. Consisting of only a few pieces each, these 3-d models are easy to assemble. A special set of mechanical gears and spinning wheels inside each model allow for a “fidget-like” movement known to help alleviate stress and increase concentration and focus. Each of four toys in every set has a small loop for a keyring that makes the toys ideal keychain charms. Hook UGears U-Fidget to your car keys or a backpack, and you’ll always have a little stress-reliever right at your hands!

UGears models series - UGears USA 1

UGears Coloring Models

Another UGears collection of miniature models is dedicated to the younger generation of UGears fans. Each of four models in the Coloring Models set consists of 5-8 pieces, easy to assemble and can be colored with any coloring tool! Every model in the series, whether its an animal, a car or an airplane, was designed not only to bring fun and excitement but also to help promoting of essential skills such as logical thinking, planning and organizing, creativity and small muscle development.

UGears models series - UGears USA 2

UGears Mechanical Town

The Mechanical Town is a set of complex models of essential toy city infrastructure such as railroads, train stations, industrial and defense components. With over 600 pieces in each, these models are time-consuming and require patience, however, the end result will exceed all of your expectations!With UGears Mechanical Town series you have an opportunity to build the entire mini town right on your living room floor!

UGears models series - UGears USA 3

UGears Mechanical Vehicles series

UGears Mechanical Vehicles series is the largest of UGears series of mechanical model sets. It includes various types of transportation vehicles such as agricultural, freight and cargo, construction, public, and leisure. A number of models are designed with optional additions. Just like UGears UMG-11 truck that can be competed with a tank for transporting liquids, extending ladder with loading hook and a trailer.

UGears models series - UGears USA 4

To learn more about these models and to discover the other sets that were not included in the four series, check out our online catalog.