The best Christmas and New Year gifts from UGears


Christmas is just around the corner and you are still searching for these perfect gifts for friends and family? UGears company has a few fresh ideas for you. Check out our selection of 3-d mechanical sets for children and grow-ups of all ages!

The best for the kids

If you are searching for a gift for your younger child, UGears coloring sets are the answer to your quest. Each set includes a number of 3 to 5-piece individual miniature models of animals, vehicles and various cute characters that assemble without the glue. Once assembled, these eco-friendly and safe models can be colored in by your child as an independent activity.  Any coloring tools would do: form markers, crayons, and colored pencils or various types of paints and sidewalk chalk.

The best Christmas and New Year gifts from UGears - UGears USA 1

For the older kids and teens

Your teenage and pre-teen boys will definitely appreciate the more complex UGears models, such as the Robot Factory. The Robot Factory and other similar to it sets consist of 200-500 pieces and require advanced skills for an assembly. The models produce real mechanical motion and will definitely captivate you mature kids’ attention and interest.

For the girls, the models such as UGears Mechanical Flower, the Mechanical “Etui” Box, and the Royal Carriage would be of the most interest.  Featuring mechanical movement, the Mechanical Flower with its opening petals and the dancing ballerina inside or a horse-pulled Regal Family coach will definitely become one of your young lady’s favorites. ,

For your sweetheart

UGears Treasure Box is the ideal gift to give to the love of your life. But wait; place a piece of fine jewelry or concert tickets inside, and you have the most ultimate gift! This model is not only an original way to present a gift. Made with natural wed materials, it is an elegant and useful storage container for items such as hair barrettes, brooches, and even small office supplies.

The best Christmas and New Year gifts from UGears - UGears USA 2

For your significant other

Make this holiday season memorable for that special man in your life with UGears Mechanical “Etui” box. This original mechanical model is not only a unique eye-catching office desk decor item but also an elegant way to display business cards. A rubber-band activated internal mechanism allows for the smooth opening and closing of the lid with a single slight touch of the lever.

You can learn more about these featured UGears models in our online catalog, where you can also find a number of other UGears 3-d puzzles that make original and unique gifts for your friends and family this holiday season.