UGears models, old and new

2021.03.04 0

They have arrived!

All UGears fans are already well-familiar with never-getting-old hit models like Treasure Box, Train or Tractor. They remain the perfect DIY gifts for old and young! These exquisite self-assembly wooden model kits satisfy our inner desire to create our own masterpieces. The new models, however, are here to challenge the old-school ones! The long-anticipated newest UGears models have just reached the US shores! has them all!

new ugears 3D puzzles

UGears Automation Cyclist

This 3D wooden puzzle is an ideal solution for all those who love working with wood and assembling models. It is also inseparable from the sport of cycling! Create your own symbol of speed, endurance, perseverance and will to succeed – all the qualities that make a true champion. The bike is more than a vehicle or a leisurely pastime. It is a way of life, a manifestation of a simple truth: life is to be lived in style, with a smile of gratitude for the wind in our face and the miles spinning away behind us.

UGears models, old and new - UGears USA 1

Foldable Phone Holder

You will only spend about an hour assembling this functional and minimalistic model, however it will serve you for much longer. It may be pretty hard to find someone who does not use a phone these days. The UGears Phone Holder features ecological plywood pieces, which are put together without the use of glue or any special tools. It will be your faithful companion and ensure the most efficient use of your device. Create a worthy companion for your phone and make the best of work and play with this wonderful 3D puzzles set!