Fantasy UGEARS Carousel for romantic dreamers


The dance of our childhood

The 3D Carousel wooden mechanical model invites you to a holiday fairground, where the air is soaked with the smell of cotton candy and mulled wine, with sounds of music and happy laughter. Ugears Carousel can be rotated manually, for example by turning its roof. Made of a sustainable materials, this 3D puzzle can become a wonderful surprise for someone who values ecological gifts.

wooden model kits: Ugears Carousel

Add little birds

Two kinds of horses rock up and down as the model spins – just like in the real carousels. The core of the model is a center pole that rotates in a direction opposite to the main platform making it look as if the carousel spins faster than it really does and creates the fascinating dynamics of the whole construction. The pole rises over the roof making it visually more delicate and at the same time giving the carousel wooden toy more volume. Add little birds soaring over the roof along with decorative flying lanterns and you may just sense the aroma of hot dogs and cotton candy!

Our Carousel will spin and dazzle you!