Something that matters most


An alternative

Do your days sometimes seem similar to one another? Do you ever catch yourself thinking you may be a bit tired of the same old same old stuff? Looking for a pastime with a difference? Assembling state-of-the-art wooden models may be an ideal solution to remind yourself of what life is all about!

Something that matters most | UGears USA 1

Following your dreams

UGears mechanical models are DIY puzzles which do more than just entertain you! They show you the way things work and the mechanics behind them. Once assembled, our creations can move around, powered by rubber bands and your imagination! Appeal to an engineer within you and choose one of dozens of available models, produced by UGears. You may either use a colorful step-by-step manual which accompanies each set or do it the hard way and try to first figure it out on your own! Regardless of which route you take, the result will be something to take pride in!

Something that matters most | UGears USA 2

Enjoying the process

The model you will assemble may be a practical thing, like a Treasure box, a toy to play with, like one of the series of UGears vehicles, or simply something pretty, like the Butterfly, which might decorate a desk in your study. What may matter even more than the resulting model, however, is the time you spend together with the people that matter to you. Assembling one of UGears models is a perfect chance to do an exciting activity with your loved ones!

Something that matters most | UGears USA 3

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