What kids can do

Ugears Mechanical Models

The idea

Mum and dad are wonderful people. Really. Their lives are not always easy, but then whose are? They probably work a bit more than they should, but now I understand that it’s for my future too. I’m 13 and I don’t take it for granted anymore, like I used to. So, for this St. Valentine’s Day I’ll make them a special gift, the one which would bring them together and let them do something fun!

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Quality time

We used to do plenty of things as a family: sports, cinema, various events. We went hiking, had picnics, flew kites, went snorkeling and took funny underwater shots. Once dad took us to the museum of technology and we had a blast looking at how all these machines we use operate and function. We get together less these days, which is a shame. Dad got promoted and is doing quite a bit of overtime these days. Mum is also busy and sometimes this family quality time just slips away.  I have done some research online though and found a perfect solution to keep the two of them occupied, while working on a joint project.

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The perfect gift

What I discovered was a company which produces wooden mechanical models for kids and adults. The model I picked – Hurdy-Gurdy – would appeal to both my dad, an engineer and my mum, a musician. I don’t think she’s ever played this particular instrument, but she will, after they’ve assembled it together! A few of the others caught my attention as well: Cabriolet, Butterfly, Mono-wheel, Treasure Box, Bike, Flower, Horse and Mechanical box are on my list too. www.ugearsmodels.us has plenty more and I’m excited to put together a few of those! The dawn is lighting up the sky, so I guess I’ll go put my package in their room.

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Happy St. Valentine’s, mum and dad!