What kids can do with 3D wooden puzzles

Ugears Mechanical Models

The idea

Mum and dad are wonderful people. Really. Their lives are not always easy, but then whose are? They probably work a bit more than they should, but now I understand that it’s for my future too. I’m 13 and I don’t take it for granted anymore, like I used to. So, for this St. Valentine’s Day I’ll make them a special gift, the one which would bring them together and let them do something fun!

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Quality time

We used to do plenty of things as a family: sports, cinema, various events. We went hiking, had picnics, flew kites, went snorkeling and took funny underwater shots. Once dad took us to the museum of technology and we had a blast looking at how all these machines we use operate and function. We get together less these days, which is a shame. Dad got promoted and is doing quite a bit of overtime these days. Mum is also busy and sometimes this family quality time just slips away.  I have done some research online though and found a perfect solution to keep the two of them occupied, while working on a joint project.

What kids can do with 3D wooden puzzles - UGears USA 2

The perfect gift

What I discovered was a company which produces wooden mechanical models for kids and adults. The model I picked – Hurdy-Gurdy – would appeal to both my dad, an engineer and my mum, a musician. I don’t think she’s ever played this particular instrument, but she will, after they’ve assembled it together! A few of the others caught my attention as well: Cabriolet, Butterfly, Mono-wheel, Treasure Box, Bike, Flower, Horse and Mechanical box are on my list too. Ugearsmodels.us has plenty more and I’m excited to put together a few of those! The dawn is lighting up the sky, so I guess I’ll go put my package in their room.

What kids can do with 3D wooden puzzles - UGears USA 3

Happy St. Valentine’s, mum and dad!