UGears helps gather harvest!

02. Combine (3)

Where food comes from

Fall is nearing its end, which means that Black Friday is right around the corner! But it’s not just the season of Black Friday and traditional sales, it’s harvest-gathering time! All those field goodies are just waiting to be picked up, loaded and delivered to facilities around our great country for further processing

Have you ever ploughed through a field during harvest time? If you have, you probably know the humbling feeling of being surrounded by the beauty of those ripe gifts of nature, ready for the taking. The nature’s gift to humanity, satisfying and nourishing, keeping the great wheel of civilization rotating…

UGears helps gather harvest! - UGears USA 1

Need reliable help?

Lots of work to be done and some reliable machinery needed to get the job done smoothly and with no delays! There’s no way for our great farmers to go about their harvesting without a tractor, the workhorse of the fields and plains. Join the Tractor science kit force with that of Combine Harvester’s and the only missing element would be the UGM-11 truck mechanical model to finish up with the preliminaries.

UGears helps gather harvest! - UGears USA 2

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Great news for all UGears lovers, as all of you guys will have a unique chance to get great deals on top 3 agriculture-related ugears models: Tractor, UGM-11 Truck and Combine Harvester. These will make unique and elaborate gifts for anyone with a taste for wooden puzzles, modelling, STEM learning, assembling machines without glue and having a fun time with the family!

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