Black Friday 2020: Ready, steady, go!

Mix 4.0

Romance on the road

He came from around the bend, like a slithering glittering animal, united in one with his shining machine. The roar of the engine was deafening and positively overwhelming. As the magnificent bike – an unstoppable fearsome beast from a gothic futuristic universe – neared her, she knew that resisting its power and drive was futile… She knew she was desperately falling in love…

Black Friday 2020: Ready, steady, go! - UGears USA 1

Need for speed

Many of us have been fascinated by speed, our imagination captured, our very existence defined by it… The range of UGears road DIY models featuring U-9 Grand Prix car, Scramble, Dream Cabriolet, Bike and Roadster are in line with that passion. Like all speed lovers, the precision of mechanical devices which accelerates us through life has enchanted us and urged us to create these engineering kits for kids and adults.

Black Friday 2020: Ready, steady, go! - UGears USA 2

3D puzzle family fun

How true is it that men are the only ones into vehicle building? Not at all, actually. There are plenty of talented race car engineers like Leena Gade out there. There are also those women who would like to present their men with a special gift, and Black Friday seems like a perfect opportunity for this kind of undertaking!

Black Friday 2020: Ready, steady, go! - UGears USA 3 is happy to announce that the above models are a part of our special Black Friday offer, so if you are into STEM toys, wooden construction kits, mechanical models or you know someone who is – welcome! Let’s make this Black Friday and the upcoming festive season special!