Cyber Monday: Cyber Gears


Music of the soul

Yes, we can all sing and create music, we are capable of anything we can conceive! UGears proves this point by letting just about anyone become the creator of their own musical instrument – the legendary Hurdy-Gurdy. This wonder of a thing, in its different versions, captivated the minds and souls of numerous generations. Dating back to the 9th century, the relatively simple mechanism ensures tons of fun, both while assembling this 3D wooden puzzle and playing with it.

Cyber Monday: Cyber Gears - UGears USA 1

Traveling in style

Dream Cabriolet and UGears Scrambler wooden model kits have it all. Choose one or the other, depending on your mood and day plans.
Are you about to strike a multi-million-dollar deal? Drive a celebrity around? Get the family out to a beach-side café? The Cabriolet will get the job done in the smoothest way possible.
Want to feel the breath of adventure on your shoulder? The song of the night wind in your hair, the whispers of the open road? Do you want to roar down the sleepy empty streets of your town, making the scene so much more alive? In this case, the Scrambler educational toy is your best bet!

Cyber Monday: Cyber Gears - UGears USA 2

Cyber deals

UGears is on a mission to let everyone enjoy the joyful cooperation, assembling the 3D puzzles with family and friends, as well as solo!
Yes, Black Friday is behind us, but there’s still Cyber Monday at the doorstep – and we’ve made it absolutely brimming with discounts!

Cyber Monday: Cyber Gears - UGears USA 3

Come pick your UGears model at and get the mechanics to work!